TCRWP Intensive with Kristin Smith, 2nd Session

Kristin Smith visited teachers new to our school/new to TCRWP on 9/26, with a focus on understanding and implementing the workshop model. Please see below for notes and resources from Ms. Smith.

Here are some of the big points that we discussed:
  • Small group work:¬†reading group work planner; guided reading planning sheet
  • Primary notebooks and/or paper should be used for students for students reading far below benchmark
  • For students who were assessed on a level A, teachers should continue to assess until students are at the instructional or frustrational level to determine what cueing systems they rely on
  • Some of the libraries need to be revisited. Teachers need to be sure that the bins in their libraries match the reading levels of their students. For example, a teacher who has many students reading at level B should have 2+ baskets on that level. Also, in some of the 01 classrooms, teachers should comb their libraries for series books. If they don’t have them, they would be really helpful to have. I am sure Sarah can help with this. Also, Andrea & Deirdre and Allison & Ashley have inviting libraries that could act as mentors.


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