Meta-Moment Resources

Following our Chancellor’s Day PD, many of you asked for more support around the meta-moment, and unrolling with your class. Please note the following resources:

  • RULER has created lesson plans for you to use to roll out the meta-moment! See pp. C306-C358 in this implementation guide.
  • Meta-moment strategies (pp. C301-C305) and tips for everyday use of meta-moments (pp. C359-C369) are also in the implementation guide.
  • You can access information from yesterday’s presentation in the meta-moment overview, and additional resources in this folder (including materials geared towards early childhood).

Welcome to the PS 396 Clearinghouse!

This site is designed as a resource hub for educators at PS 396, the best school the Bronx has ever seen! Here, you will find information such as staff memos, documents from professional learning, useful links, and beyond.

To locate resources, you can use the search function via the menu on the top right corner of the site, or browse categories through the menu on the top left.

Mood Meter & Charter Updated Resources

From RULER/Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence:

This time of year is a natural segue to discuss with students the things for which they are thankful in their lives, specifically at school. It is also a wonderful time to reflect on and to review the classroom Charter and the commitments students and teachers made to each other at the beginning of the school year. As always, we want to share more resources with you to support your RULER roll-out (see below):

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