TGIF Resources – Sept-Oct

Resources attached to TGIFs sent in September and October, arranged into categories alphabetically (Assessment/Testing; Counselors’ Corner; IEP News; Scheduling; School Information; Social-Emotional Learning):


  • MOSL: You can review this MOSL memo, which was discussed during Mon PL 9/19.
  • Test Administration Handbook: will be reviewed on 11/8; see Ms. Mendez, Testing Coordinator, with any questions

Counselors’ Corner:

  • Curiosity: In the article, “Curiosity: The Force Within a Hungry Mind”, Marilyn Price-Mitchell looks at the importance of curiosity and shares ten ways to stimulate a student’s curiosity.
  • Wediko Processing Sheet can help you help your students address issues “mindfully” by asking: What happened? Who was involved? How was the student feeling? What were the internal and external triggers? How did the student respond to the situation? How did the student’s choices affect others? What calming strategies can s/he use?

IEP News:

  • GoalBook: We have a school license with GoalBook again this year to support teachers in writing IEP goals, implementing UDL, and providing strategies to support all learners in their classroom. All general education classroom teachers, special education classroom teachers, and related service personnel have a user name and password. See Ms. Kruse, IEP Teacher, if you need assistance or to get your user name and password.
  • Please note locations for IEP meetings.
    ◦Triennials, Reevaluations, and Initials will be held in room 370 unless otherwise noted in my emails.
    ◦Annuals will happen in the child’s classroom room unless the room is occupied in which case we will hold the meeting in my office or another location.
  • Please complete all IEPS 24 hours before the meeting. Please make sure you complete the following sections: ◦Classroom Teachers: PLOP, Annual Goals (If a NEST student)*, Testing Accommodations – if necessary, Summary Page (functional levels, promotional criteria – Grade 2-5) ◦Related Service Providers: Annual Goals, Testing Accommodations – if necessary, Summary Page (functional levels, promotional criteria – Grade 2-5), check recommended services to make sure they are up to date.


  • Master Schedule: More info in a clearinghouse post.
  • Calendar: All TCRWP and MITC lab sites are now posted! Please note that when lab sites are NOT on Wednesdays, then Wednesday’s schedule will flip with the day of the week that the lab site is held. This is listed on the bottom of p. 2 of the master schedule, and dates can also be found in the school-wide calendar.
  • Program cards: Please continue to update and upload to the dbinbox as needed. Grade teams should collaborate to have content areas at the same time as much as possible (e.g. all 2nd gr classes have reading 3rd pd) to facilitate collaboration and potential interclass grouping, as well as support cohesiveness of instruction in work with service providers. You may use this program card template or your own, keeping in mind that you do not have to keep to 45min periods (other than set preps and lunches).

School Information:

  • Class Sign-out: Please be sure that you are using the class sign-out sheet emailed by Ms. Odessey, OR another sign-out of your own creation that includes names and phone numbers of those allowed to pick up students.
  • Emergency Response Protocols: Please review this deck on emergency response protocols.
  • Field Trips: Should be requested via this form, preferably at least 3 weeks in advance. See your grade leader with any questions!Equipment and supply requests: Need something for your classroom? You can request it through this survey (more info in a clearinghouse post). Need something fixed? Try the repair request form.
  • myON: New logins are IN! You can find them for teachers and for students. myON also has an Educator Resource Portal (username: nyc; password: myon). Contact Customer Support with any questions at 1-888-728-1266 or email at, or, feel free to reach our NYC implementation team at
  • PS 396’s Photo Bank: Please upload all photos of students and staff that are taken throughout the year in our new Photo Bank . The folder has been sub-divided into grades, etc. so please carefully select which folder you’d like to place your photos in before uploading. We’d like to have this bank available to staff for things like managing/updating our website, preparing for assemblies and presentations, and for building a large selection of photos to choose from when creating graduation and moving-up day slide shows.
  • Teacher Absence Information: Please review the class break up procedure and teacher absence guide in the folder, and upload your class break up list directly to the folder for your grade, or to the dbinbox.

Social-Emotional Learning (RULER, PBIS, Circles):



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