Election Day Resources – 11/8/16 (+ TGIF Follow-up 11/10/16)

Resources on RULER and Social Studies from our Election Day PD (agenda), and our newly created staff charter!Follow up notes from the TGIF:

As a leadership team, we have reflected upon your feedback from the Chancellor’s Day survey (still open to responses if you have not yet submitted one! I really do read your comments! J), and are grateful for your thoughtfulness around your learning. Below please find some information that I hope addresses questions that were posed; I encourage you to see me if it would be helpful to discuss some of this further. (All Chancellor’s Day resources were emailed out, and are posted in the clearinghouse for your reference.)

  • Tuesday’s work was based on our CEP goals (pp. 22-27 of Opening Ceremonies presentation), particularly:
    • Improving our Supportive Environment:  Classroom structures implemented by teachers will evidence sufficient activities that provide reflective opportunities to help increase students’ accountability to one’s actions, responsibility to their classroom community and focus on their academic progress.
    • Supporting Collaborative Teachers:  To use internal coherence within Professional Learning Communities to result in horizontal and vertical alignment of curriculum, including design of meaningful learning experiences for all students across the curriculum in our school.
    • If you would like to be involved in shaping our CEP goals, I encourage you to come to an SLT meeting and get involved!
  • We have collated your feedback on our staff charter values, for your review!
  • We have gathered updated mood meter and charter resources, including a timely lesson for Thanksgiving!
  • The meta-moment was rolled out for the first time this past week.  Our expectation is that all teachers will spend the next month or so familiarizing yourselves with it and practicing it. Based on your feedback, we will host follow up sessions, in the meantime, you can find related resources posted on the clearinghouse. 

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