Meta-Moment Resources

Following our Chancellor’s Day PD, many of you asked for more support around the meta-moment, and unrolling with your class. Please note the following resources:

  • RULER has created lesson plans for you to use to roll out the meta-moment! See pp. C306-C358 in this implementation guide.
  • Meta-moment strategies (pp. C301-C305) and tips for everyday use of meta-moments (pp. C359-C369) are also in the implementation guide.
  • You can access information from yesterday’s presentation in the meta-moment overview, and additional resources in this folder (including materials geared towards early childhood).


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Off-Site Professional Learning

Throughout the year, teachers will be invited to participate in various off-site professional learning opportunities through our partner organizations (e.g. TCRWP, Nest, MITC). Teachers are also encouraged to seek out additional learning opportunities, which they can propose to the admin leadership team! When participating in off-site PL, please note the following: Read More